Anglo Arms Camo Panther Crossbow Kit 175lb


Anglo Arms


Anglo Arms Camo Panther Crossbow Kit 175lb

The Anglo Arms Panther is a compact recurve crossbow that's reassuringly lightweight and incredibly powerful. The Panther's impressive 175lb draw weight means it is capable of delivering bolts with unbeatable levels of accuracy. The Panther has a 10.5" power stroke, keeping the bolt in contact with the string for longer means the Panther achieves a whopping 245fps.


The Panther's lightweight design helps reduce fatigue to ensure the shooter can shoot for longer and with a much higher accuracy rate. The Panther is a very affordable crossbow that allows you to take shooting to the next level, ideal for hunting and target shooting. The Panther comes complete with a range of shooting essentials and accessories including a 4 arrow quiver, red dot sight, stringer, foot claw and a tube of crossbow rail lube.


The Anglo Arms Panther crossbow requires very minimal assembly and is provided with a comprehensive guide., the fiberglass limb connects directly to the barrel via a high tensile steel hex bolt. The red dot scope mounts directly on the raised 20mm RIS rail and includes a brightness dial with eleven settings, a MOA (up/down) dial and windage (left/right) dial. The fully adjustable stock provides 50mm of adjustment - essential in finding a comfortable shooting position.


Important: Powerful crossbows like the Anglo Arms Panther should never be dry fired (shot without a bolt) as it can damage bow components and shorten the lifespan of strings. Our experts advise regular cleaning after every use and application of rail lube after every fourth shot.


**Buyer Must Be Over 18 Years Old,And Be Able To Show ID ON Delivery** 

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