Beeman 2004E/P17 .177 Pneumatic Pistol




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Beeman 2004E/P17 .177 Pneumatic Pistol

The Beeman 2004E is the first quality air pistol to join the ranks of the now elite polymer firearm pistols now being produced in Europe and America. 

That is, it is a marriage of the finest ordinance steel critical parts wrapped in super strong, fiber-reinforced, space age polymers like the famous Glock and latest Walther firearm pistols. 
The very reasonable price of this gun represents a manufacturing shift to a more efficient, better method of construction, rather than any reduction of quality.
On pulling back what appears to be the hammer allows the top frame to be swung up as a charging lever. Just swing it forward, insert the pellet, and then swing it back to compress the air charge – 
an easy, natural action. An automatic safety called a antibeartrap prevents closing or accidental discharge. 
This top frame contains the beautifully rifled steel barrel and both the front and rear sights, all as a single rigid unit. The sights cannot get out of alignment with each other during cocking. 
As a single stroke pneumatic, the 2004E has absolutely no recoil or spring jump. Making it perfect suitable for club level shooting also. A functional, 
built-in muzzle brake prevents any tendency for muzzle flip. Couple this steadiness with its wonderfully crisp trigger and you have a pistol which just naturally shoots accurately offhand!

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