EK Archery Desert Hawk Recurve Crossbow 225lbs




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A high powered, extremely accurate crossbow the Desert Hawk is a great all round crossbow. It's high quality ergonomic design and powerful shots provide you with hours of endless target shooting fun.

The Barrel has been CNC machined to ensure accuracy and quality control. Built from aluminium it offers a sturdy build which can withstand mild impacts. The riser has been built in a similar way and offer the same advantages. This also makes the Crossbow very light and therefore easy to transport.

Built from Compressed fibre glass the limbs are extremely durable and can therefore withstand the large force on them when the crossbow is drawn. The Stock, built from reinforced composite, has a cheek piece making it easier for the user to shoot and reducing fatigue.

Able to shoot up to 330fps this crossbow can be used for a load of uses. It only requires 225lbs to draw and weighs 7.4lbs in total. Along side this crossbow you also get 4x32 Crossbow scope, Cocking Rope, Shoulder Sling, 6-Bolt Quiver, 3 x 20" carbon bolts and string wax.


Speed: 330fps Draw Weight: 225lbs Power Stroke: 15.25" Weight: 7.4lbs Width: 35" Length: 39"


Pre Built


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