Glock 17 .177 Dual Ammo Pistol Package




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UK Law requires all purchases of Air Pistols & Air Rifle to be sold on a face to face basis & detailed/official records to be kept of the sale.

By UK law you must be 18+ however Taskers Angling will not sell any Air Pistol or Air Rifle to anyone under the age of 21. 

To purchase this product you will need to provide a valid Driving Licence or passport in store & your details will be recorded on the gun register. If we are delivering to Liverpool postcodes

You will need to email your driving licence before delivery & you will need to produce this when the item is delivered in person.

If you live outside of Liverpool you will need to have this item delivered to a registered RFD once you have placed your order you will need to email us a copy of your driving licence and the Name, Phone number & email address of the RFD you wish it to be posted to. Please also note almost all RFD’s charge £25.00 for this service (we advise you to check first with your local RFD) 

If you have any questions about this service or purchasing one of these items please call us first on 01512606015 or email  


This package includes:

  • Glock 17 Threaded Barrel Dual Ammo Pistol
  • 12G CO2 Gas Canisters (25)
  • BSA Pellets (Pellet Shape May Vary)
  • Webley AccuBB 
  • Anglo Arms Paper Tree Targets 
  • Bisley Chalk Targets 
  • Viper Suppressor for the Glock 17
  • Firebird Exploding targets 


Glock 17 .177 Pellet/BB Threaded Barrel

Proverbial Glock perfection has come to CO2-powered airguns. This replica of the Glock 17 has quality written all over it. What makes it especially attractive is its dual system, with a rifled barrel that permits precise shooting of both pellets and 4.5 mm BBs. Weighing just under a kilogram, this hefty pistol delivers a convincing recoil that Glock fans will really appreciate. The threaded barrel allows you to attach a compensator. This CO2 airgun comes in an original Glock gun case.

  • Calibre: 4.5 mm (.177) BB or pellet
  • Capacity: 8 rounds
  • Velocity: 426 ft/s
  • Length: 230 mm
  • Weight: 924 g


12G CO2 Gas Cannisters

This pack of CO2 Cylinders contains 25 of the standard 12g size, ideal for all rifles and pistols that use the 12g capsule size.

Each capsule is made to a strict specification to ensure trouble free service in your firearm.


BSA Pellets



Webley AccuBB

These new Webley Accu BBs are a full lead BB which is then coated with a copper layer which helps to prevent ricochets when being fired from both rifles and pistols. Another advantage of this design is that it prevents damage to rifling in dual ammo firearms to prolong the life of your items. Sold in a tin of 750.


Anglo Arms Paper Tree Targets 

Hone your shooting skills with the Anglo Arms 'Tree' Paper Targets. Each pack contains 50, 14 x 14cm 300gsm targets. 


Bisley Chalk Targets 

The Shoot N Smash targets from Bisley are an inexpensive method for super reactive target shooting for all standards and ages of shooters.

By shooting one of the chalk discs, they explode into many pieces for a positive and enjoyable shooting experience, and one where you can clearly see results.

Sold as a box of 50.

Viper suppressor for Glock 17

The Nuprol Viper Suppressor Black fits the Glock 17 Threaded Barrel, Beretta M9A3 and UX SA10 modls from Umarex. The fitting is both 14mm CCW and CW, and has a simple clean look with internal foam sponge to slightly suppress the muzzle report from your Airgun or airsoft weapon, be it Electric or Gas powered. The Nuprol Viper Air Gun Suppressor  provides both CW and CCW threads so this is almost guaranteed to fit your weapon provided it is a 14mm thread. This is also an ideal suppressor to attach to gas blowback pistols, as a long, heavyweight suppressor will put extra stress on your nozzle during cycling.


Firebird Exploding Targets 

These firebird reactive exploding targets are 40mm and when you shoot them they flash and smoke. Ideal for adding a bit of excitement to your shooting.


The pack includes a Magplate holder which secures your firebird target. Ideal for air rifles.

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