Helle Field Knife Myra LIMITED EDITION




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The Helle Myra 632 is a compact and light-weight outdoor knife. He owes its name to the first blacksmith of the retired Helle CEO Torodd. The 7.2 cm blade might appear to be very small. However, it is large enough for wood work and while 'crafting' camp equipment in a bushcraft setting. The scandi edge is perfect for this and also easy to sharpen. But also as a Scandinavian hunting knife the Myra is perfect. The blade is made from a core of hard stainless steel, laminated in between two layers of 18/8 stainless steel. This core is razor-sharp and also easy to sharpen. With its weight of only 55 grams you hardly notice it on your belt.

The handle is constructed of three parts: a large handle from curly birch. This is birch root wood. A red leather spacer and in the front a type of bolster made from dark oak wood. The 10.0 cm handle is also large enough for many large hands. The whole might remind you of a Puukko knife.

The Helle Myra 632 comes in a leather belt sheath. It is enhanced with a belt loop that has enough room for belts up to 4.5 cm wide. The great thing about the sheath is that the red accent of the leather spacer is also used in the red stitching.

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