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The perfect tactical weapons package for a great days garden shooting from firearm manufacturers Sig Sauer.

This package includes:

  • Sig Sauer MCX .177 in black with intergrated silencer 
  • Sig Sauer P226 .177 in black 
  • 12G CO2 Canisters (25)
  • 88G CO2 Cylinder 
  • RWS Super H Points .177 (500)



UK Law requires all purchases of Air Pistols & Air Rifle to be sold on a face to face basis & detailed/official records to be kept of the sale.

By UK law you must be 18+ however Taskers Angling will not sell any Air Pistol or Air Rifle to anyone under the age of 21. 

To purchase this product you will need to provide a valid Driving Licence or passport in store & your details will be recorded on the gun register. If we are delivering to Liverpool postcodes

You will need to email your driving licence before delivery & you will need to produce this when the item is delivered in person.

If you live outside of Liverpool you will need to have this item delivered to a registered RFD once you have placed your order you will need to email us a copy of your driving licence and the Name, Phone number & email address of the RFD you wish it to be posted to. Please also note almost all RFD’s charge £25.00 for this service (we advise you to check first with your local RFD) 

If you have any questions about this service or purchasing one of these items please call us first on 01512606015 or email 



Sig Sauer MCX .177

The MCX from Sig Sauer is a double-action air rifle, made by the same people who manufacture the real firearms. This rifle, which fires .177 air gun pellets, has a realistic appearance and a high standard of build.

The MCX takes a 30-shot magazine that can be fired off as quickly as you can pull the trigger. The pellets are propelled by CO2 gas, which is provided through an 88g cylinder for a massive shot count.

Several Weaver rails are installed for the mounting of scopes, lasers, and torches.

Sights Not Included


Sig Sauer P226 

This Sig Sauer CO2 pistol is a quality airgun that fires lead pellets. It's produced by Sig Sauer themselves, making this as accurate as possible to the real thing.

The construction is full metal, making the pistol robust and reliable, and the weight and balance realistic. There's a 22mm weaver rail under the front of the barrel for the attachment of lasers or torches.


The action is semi-auto blowback, which is very precise and realistic, and the barrel is threaded for the fitting of a silencer or muzzle brake.




Action - Semi Auto Blowback

Calibre - .177 (4.5mm) Pellet

Overall Length - 210 mm (8.25 in)

Weight - 1 kg (2.4 lb)



12G CO2 Canisters 

This pack of CO2 Cylinders contains 25 of the standard 12g size, ideal for all rifles and pistols that use the 12g capsule size. Each capsule is made to a strict specification to ensure trouble free service in your firearm.


88G CO2 Cylinder 

Top Quality MILBRO Branded Cartridge. Suits Popular Crosman & Umarex Co2 Guns

Overall Length: 204mm

Weight: 450g


RWS Super H Points

The RWS SUPER-H-POINT 0.45 g airgun pellet is a smooth diabolo pellet with a hollow point. Due to its high deformation readiness, it guarantees very good penetration power and maximum shock effect with the game. Perfectly suitable for hunting airguns.

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