October 29, 2020


Crosman's 2240 CO2 pistol is available only in .22 caliber, but it's ideal for plinking. When you pick up this gun, you'll have a hard time putting it down. It's accurate and a pleasure to shoot.

The bolt-action reveals a sizeable loading trough, making it easier to load ammo. If you're a lefty, you'll appreciate that this gun is ambidextrous, sporting checkering and a thumbrest on both grip panels. You can use the gun with the open sights or get Crosman's 459MT base to mount a scope or red dot sight.

This is one of those guns that'll be around for many decades, as your entire family will enjoy shooting it.


Crosman Ratcatcher - 2250 is a .22 calibre Co2 powered air rifle. The air rifle is CO2 single shot. As it's name suggests perfect for vermin control.


Low Maintenance with Improved bolt design for easy loading and cocking. Contains Precision four power scope and mounts included. Extended rifled steel barrel for accuracy. Power approx 6-8 foot pounds.




Power Source: co2

Caliber: 5.5 mm

Max Velocity: up to 550 fps (167.6 m/s)

Capacity: Single shot

Length: 76.8cm

Weight: 1.53kg.

Per cylinder: 30 shots approx

Materials: Barrel- Rifled steel, Stock and Forearm- Synthetic



The 2250 is lightweight resulting in easy manoeuvring. The amazing 2250 can be used for either hunting or for target shooting. To reach the power it needs the rifle uses a 12g CO2 Capsule which gives it around 30 full power shots which will be hard hitting and without recoil.

Each version of the 2250 comes fitted with a 4x32 Scope.


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